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Humanity as a whole is undergoing some major changes in our energetic, political, societal, spiritual and financial structure and as such, we are due to take our first collective step into SOUL +

Higher consciousness. As such, many people will become more aware of their emotional and mental pain but will not be able to be satisfied by psychology alone. Humanity will need a deeper form of guidance to help them speak the language of the SOUL.

It is through the challenges and ‘problems’ in our lives that our consciousness expands and we develop a stronger sense of soul consciousness.

Everyone on this planet is increasingly experiencing the impact of Spirit in their lives, leading to the development of soul consciousness. When this developmental process first begins, the effect is usually negative. It will continue to create negative effects until people learn the needed lessons.

As a soul-based helping professional you are here to help people navigate through these lessons. As the lessons are learned, soul consciousness develops and meaning is gained, pushing one further away from the traps of the ego and further into living in alignment with their soul.

Many people are experiencing ‘soul crises’ in their lives- spiritual challenges that they misinterpret as psychological ones. It is not actually the soul that is in crisis, but the personality-soul relationship.

Therefore, various helping professionals like therapists, counselors and coaches are best placed to provide GUIDANCE in this new paradigm of expanded perception. As such the need for soul-based coaching will only grow as more and more people become more ‘soul conscious’ and awaken to a deeper understanding of how their mind, body soul and life works.

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